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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 12, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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another stocks are finishing on the upside. an opera car heist. police think the gunmen were able to run the security guards and decorate with money. cracking down on the london rioters, the newest video of commerce streets.
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plus, the outside lan's festival in san francisco.
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>> at 5:30 p.m., another day of gains on wall street. finally more did this. take a look at the closing numbers. the dow jones finished up 126 points at 11,270. the nasdaq also did well ended 15 points higher at just above 2005 under. dan kerman is here with a look at a crazy week of ups and downs. >> there was four days or the dow went up and down by more than 400 points. not today. for the most part a pretty steady stream in the gabore direction. >> after the dow closed up and above 11,000 on thursday, many wondered if friday would be another topsy-turvy day on wall
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street. it was not. before the market close, news that retail sales rebound, investors responded positively to the good news and the dow opened higher out of the gate. there was a brief plunge after a release of a subwasurvey showing that people are pessimistic about the economy. the dow closed up 1 to 25 points at 11,269. >> it is a suggestion that we could be settling. there is a lot of hope out there. >> hi laura with is not convinced the volatility is over. >> boyou do not have just one week of volatility and then it is all over, you have a couple of months where you can have clusters of big
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losses and that is what makes me hesitate to say that everything is ok. >> taking a look at the week as a whole the chart shows a week as a whole with all five days were you can see up and down, coming up tonight on kron 4 news, why did this happen and what is ahead. >> here is a look at today's winners from bay area companies. yobbos finished up, teal was also up as well as hewlett-packard and linkedin. >> the united states is now no. 1 when it comes to wine sales. that is according to the wine institute in san francisco. the group says last year, total united states won consumption surpassed france for the first time ever. industry experts say people are getting more value for to the board also one is part of the reason. the increased revenue has helped the industry, u.s. exports are
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written 1 billion last year, an increase of more than 25% from 2009. >> in the news around the bay, a daring heist from santa rosa. a gunman robbed an armored car company. this was the scene at the armored car service on north point parkway. the crux entered and rocked the employees locking them behind steel >> one of the police called police indicating that he had been locked inside and robbed. once we're able to free the employees we found that they were unharmed. >> the suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. at 25 under dollars reward is being offered in this case. there have been no arrests made. >> the man convicted of killing oakland is a journalist chauncey bailey has been sentenced to 28 years in prison.
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>> to amend or pulled over saturday night on sheridan avenue. and they had gallon paint buckets, spray paint and paint markers. it rested on charges of vandalism paraphernalia. >> induce around california, city officials are deciding on whether or not to bring in an independent investigator to investigate the death of a homeless man who died following a violent confrontation with police.
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officers are responding to a report of the vehicle break- ins on july 5th. that is one police say that kelly thomas grant when they tried to search his bag. video shows the mentally ill homeless man screaming for his father and passengers on a nearby bus said the officers beat him repeatedly using stun guns. he died of injuries five days >> if the officers are callable able to hold accountable. are on paid administrative leave right now. the incident is under investigation by the district attorney's office and the fbi. >> a new report shows the rate of hate crimes is remaining steady in california but the number of hispanics targeted has nearly doubled. the state department of justice reports that there were 1170
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crimes reported in 2010 and seven more than 2009. crimes against hispanics are up crimes against blacks still account for the largest percentage. >> the search will continue for extraterrestrial intelligence.seti will continue to research based on grants and even a donation from how he jodie foster. the program cost 2.5
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million operating every year. >> here is a live look outside from the roof camera. in san francisco, mostly sunny skies. the fall will be rolling back again. currently 60 degrees in san francisco. current conditions throughout the bay area are " close to the coastline, warmer but what we found yesterday. with dwight as we head into to are reporting very similar conditions expected with temperatures in the '50's and low 60s. in the morning, and temperatures will warm up quickly in places like fairfield, closer to the coastline we will see fall and its temperature is not warming nearly as quickly.
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we will take a look at temperatures for the rest of the afternoon. details coming up in just a minute. >> in world news, london authorities continue to show that they have absolutely no patience with looting and bangles. they have been raiding the homes of suspected rioters. this follows four nights of unrest that spread from london to other british cities. police are attracting people down and arrested them using photos from the internet, television and newspapers. homes and businesses were trashed and burned, freeman trying to defend a store were killed. italy's government has approved a new austerity measures, the emergency steps will save billions of dollars over two years, they hope. this is in response to demands from the european central bank. recent protests by workers upset at spending cuts is making the government say we have to try to balance the budget. >> in china, where it
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continues to save eight to that are now trapped in a tunnel that collapse as they were working on a national highway. the cruise believe they know where the workers are and ventilation fans and water pipes are still in tact. independent research says that his american drones' strikes have killed 85 civilians in pakistan since 2004. this is about half the victims are children. a senior u.s. official dismissed the findings: the impulse to. american drug have outraged pakistan these. as it was done by a british investigative journalist. it is that every cloud has a silver lining, that happens to be true for this or coworkers and ottawa. they work at a factory and are celebrating winning the lottery. they lost their jobs wednesday and 18 of them got to get together and found out there like that
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change. >> i looked at the numbers and i had someone else to come look at them. was not sure i was reading them right. i started shaking and then i have to get out and tell some of the people. a $4 investment one that each around stay with us, more news after this break. okay, kids, we can record one more show.
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>> it is a weekend full of music and fun in san francisco. the outside plans festival is kicking off right now. pectorals clifford is joining us from the middle of it all. he is at the festival in golden gate park. ron
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>> right now you are looking at a live picture from the polo fields. that is one of the main stages. kobo, plans is off and running. organizers expect about 100,000 people to show up. there are six different stages and 72 different >> muni has several routes that run near the park, there are all solons huang -- and there are also box
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commuting vans running back and forth for $5 a trip. >> is a starting to get >> yes it is. of all i do not think it was ever actually warm. [laughter] >> it is a hit in the way to get a meal on the go. food trucks are in the bay area. aubrey aquino and gives us a taste. >> the while truck or windows on wheels is one of the newest additions to the bay area truck seen. there are serving of foods like traditional filipino food. >> food trucks are rolling into an event near you. >> these souped up kittens on wheels are getting tasty receptions. no trucks are exactly alike. >> there were those old road
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coaches that were begun. we have turned old vehicles into gourmet food trucks. >> the san jose base while truck has a garlic frieandrice >> it is a flour tortilla with zero to garlic rice, corn beef, fried eggs over easy with pagoda dial. the bomb garrido has been getting a lot of
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>> here is a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza. mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds streaming in. we have a need your shower tonight that will be visible from the coastline. but if you're going to watch this, take some pictures and send it to was on while. we have to fall along the coastline. right now along
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the north bay, we are seeing clear skies. for this evening, the fog will be pushing back into oakland and hayward, along the peninsula as well. it will be intensifying into the 11:00 p.m. hour. but pardon brand foggy conditions tomorrow. 80 degrees in livermore. 82 in pittsburgh. right now we're in the upper 80s across the inland
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valleys. in the east bayshore, '60s and '70s tomorrow afternoon. younger in the north bay, '70s and '80s tomorrow afternoon. here is your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast. tuesday will be on the more mild side. temperatures are well below average for this type of year. >> pour all the awesome moms, kron 4 is teaming up to give one lucky mother a night out with her friends.
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join darya folsom in a luxury suite at at&t park to watch the giants played the padres on august 24th. in addition to watching the game in comfort and joy catered food and drinks, the group also have the chance to hang out with one of the san francisco giants players. we have not named him yet. to enter, visit the kron 4 facebook fan page. in visit the link that says mom's night out sweepstakes. enter now for your chance to win. traffic starting in walnut creek, the 680 and 24 exchange, crawling in both directions. 101, san jose, the only slow traffic is at the overpass. in san francisco the traffic is slow. hanging we will be
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right back. when bond when death upon to up when dick and bond and
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bond n.y.
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>> the 3ds, you can pick it up at retailers like best buy for a really good deal. nintendo has dropped the price. the 3 d gaming is fun. it is a great action. they have also made some hardware and software updates to make the device more appealing. make sure to tune in to kron 4 tonight at 8:00 p.m. and i will let you know where to get the best deal. n.y. gabe slate, kron 4 news.
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>> coming up at 6:00 p.m., kron 4 is following an amber alert and what is being done to track down a man accused of kidnapping his two year- old daughter. the hot topic of same-sex marriages tackled by some of the
5:58 pm
republican presidential hopefuls. you cannot have different definitions of marriage. >> what is big at the box office this weekend?
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>> at 6:00 p.m., an amber alert across california. a two year-old girl allegedly kidnapped by her father. we are live with details on what is being done. >> a three year-old was shot and killed. we now have new video of the tense moments just after the shooting. >> the parents are a victim just like the boy was a victim. kron 4 walks you through the video, plus the suspect's family speaks out saying that he was set up.
6:01 pm
>> 82 year-old girl allegedly taken by her father. their pictures are on your screen. officials of put the entire state of alert. an amber alert is in effect. reggie kumar is live with details on the efforts to find the pair. >> pam, the freeway signs remain eliminated. they read trial production, green toyota 4 runner and the california license plate number. let me show you a picture of the father and daughter that authorities are searching for. 49 year- old ramad of sacramento was supposed to return his daughter to the mother this past weekend but never did. authorities believe he may be headed to the bay area. the egyptian born father speaks spanish. they believe that to your role may be in danger. the fbi has been trying to track him down since saturday. both parents
6:02 pm
share joint custody of the girl, but i have learned that the mother was trying to file for full custody of her daughter. police are searching for a green toyota 4 runner with the license plate number 3xrm111. we are waiting for more information as to why authorities are waiting until now to issue debt amber alert. live in berkeley, reggie kumar. >> 83 year-old killed in a drive-by shooting on monday. this is a picture of carlos. tonight, we have new video showing the chaotic aftermath after the incident in oakland. j.r. stone is following the story. he gives an up close look at exactly what happened. >> for the first time we're getting a glimpse at what happened after the shooting on monday through this youtube video. a shooting that left a three year-old dead and two others injured. when you live at this video, i cannot show you everything because it is so explicit.
6:03 pm
you are looking at two men, of whom have been shot and a lame on the ground. a little while later, the person filling this out walks off and walked over to a group. this group is centered around the de young three- year-old who died. there are two men reaching down to help the young boy. it was a very emotional time. listen to what was said and some of what the microphone picked up. >> oh my god, they kill the bad baby! >> there were children on the scene. boys and girls, at least four different children were on the scene that could see the gunshot victim lying on the ground. it is possible that those kids also witnessed the
6:04 pm
shooting. there is pure a very tragic ending with a loss of three year-old carlos. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> meanwhile, the suspect being held for that drive-by shooting was in an oakland court room today. 26 year- old lawrence denard made a brief court appearance beside a public defender. his family was also in the courtroom today. they claim he is being set up. >> when he was getting ready to go into the store, he saw a young guy to take half of his body out of the car with a gun who had a long dress. he did not know what was going on. he heard shooting.
6:05 pm
my brother is a victim just like the baby was. our hearts go out to the family pets that lost their baby, but my brother is in surgery right now, he has been in surgery 85 a.m.. they found a bullet in his hip and a bullet in his neck. my brother is not in any pain whatsoever. -- my brother is not in any game whatsoever. a wish the police would stop saying it was gang-related, it is not. >> the family of denard says that he was not in oakland when the shooting occurred. >> one of the three victims shot in monday's drive by shooting was robert hudson. he is recovering from his third surgery at highland hospital in oakland. we spoke with his sister, she explains that her brother is also an innocent victim in the shooting. >> he was going to the store, he saw a young guy take half of his body out of the car with a gun. the guy
6:06 pm
had long threads. he did not know what was going on. he heard shooting and that is what he found out he was it. my brother is a victim just like the baby was a victim. our hearts go out to the family that lost their baby, but my brother is as of right now. he has given servers 85 a.m.. they found two more bullets, one in his head and one in his neck. my brother is not in any game. brother is 37. he is a family man. he has never been in the gang. i wish the police would please quit saying that it was a gang related because it was not. " my brother was a victim, they were all victims, they're all the wrong place at the wrong time. >> the woman you just heard from is the sister of one of the victims in monday's shooting. the sister of robert hanson was in the hospital. hudson's family are thankful that police have made an
6:07 pm
>> a 32 year-old pregnant woman was fatally mauled on thursday. that is a question comes -- -- the mullet occurred in the home in pacific. a shrine of flowers and candles has appeared outside the home where her husband discovered the families to pit bulls standing over her body. he had just arrived home on thursday. police shot and killed a two year- old bald that was mailed given under. how the spayed female is in the hands of animal control pending investigation. >> lajuan goggle will perform a necropsy to look of the stomach
6:08 pm
>> host a tragedy has hit home in nearby san mateo. this is where the pregnant woman was working. >> it is shocking. no one knows what to say. it is really bad. we got to know her family, her mother, resistors. -- her sisters.
6:09 pm
it is just too bad. >> the restaurant manager says the girl was a loyal employee for five years and always spoke fondly of her dogs. >> big problems in walnut creek after an accident this morning, a truck slammed into a utility pole knocking out power. the power is back on the traffic is still a mess. daniel, what is the latest? >> the crews are still here working to get this new utility poles set up. they have been working since the early morning, since the accident took place. they have had to block off two lanes, this is a major artery to the area. that was causing serious traffic headaches. the good news is, after the initial crash,
6:10 pm
3800 customers lost power, that is now down to only one customer. this reply is being run on back of generators but hopefully for not much longer. -- this streetlight is being run on backup generators, but hopefully for not much longer. the accident took place in the early morning. the driver sustained minor injuries. hong >> daniel, thank you. >> here is the look of the extended forecast. cooler weather again tomorrow. ghazi the slightly warmer. details coming up just a bit. okay, kids, we can record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. okay, moment of truth.
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on "three," say which kid you love the most. ooh, fun, yeah. one, two, three. jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. she's so pretty. yeah. or we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t.
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>> a new report on high- school dropouts says that the bay area high school district has some of lowest graduation rates in the entire state. there is a huge gap between racial groups with whites and asians on one side and african-americans and hispanics on the other.
6:14 pm
>> this is the first time the state has tracked a group of students score of four years of high school. they were given unique identification numbers that follow them from school to school. the state education department officials say it is the most accurate formula yet to estimate how many students are finishing school. overall, nearly 304 high school students graduated. about one in every five dropped out. the rest either stayed in school or went for a ged. here is a breakdown of the overall dropout rate for bay area counties. the numbers range from 7% in marin county to 19 percent in alameda county. when at the ethnic divide. san francisco is the only county with a double digit dropout rate for white students. asian students have an even lower rates. quite a difference for african-americans. vin numbers and for hispanics
6:15 pm
are similar. these are countywide numbers. when you get down to the school district level the dropout rates go even higher. in oakland is a 37%, hebert, 31% and west contra costa, 25%. the state education department says that the new dropout figures cannot be compared to earlier years because the data was collected in differently. the numbers will be used as a baseline for future reports. more news coming up after the break. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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the falcons let's take a look at
6:19 pm
current satellite pictures. let's take a look at fog tracker 4. by 8:00 p.m. the fall will be moving into hayward. it will stay in this general area until 11:00 p.m.. by and large the north bay is in the clear for tomorrow morning. temperatures for the bay area, slightly cooler out there, 77 san jose, 82 los gatos. our inland valleys in the low eighties for the most part. " conditions near
6:20 pm
the coastline with fog lingered into the afternoon. temperatures will be in the low 60s. " tomorrow and a slightly warmer into sunday and monday which engineering average. as we head into next week a strong sea breezes will take over >> hot now on 2 decision to dozen 12, all eyes on iowa. several candidates are attending the state fair and getting grilled. >> would you going to do to strengthen social security, medicare and medicaid without cutting?
6:21 pm
>> i am not going to raise >> the american people have an appetite for a non politician. >> they have your money and you got the bad economy. >> politics is very real in this state. this week at its were debating. >> use said the era of small government was over, that sounds more like barack obama, if you ask me. >> saturday, many will square off ron. >> sara pailin toward a fair on friday afternoon, meeting and greeting. >> i am not the only one who has not decided yet. >> texas gov. rick perry is
6:22 pm
expected to announce he is in the race. emily schmidt, kron 4 news. >> another hot-button issue in iowa was the issue of same-sex marriage. former minnesota gov. hot took quite a lashing from one. >> that is something that is hurting my future. why does the government get involved in our lives, and our marriages? >> why is the ring getting involved in the marriage issue? every state has had lots of fighting in marriage or dressing marriage, it is not anything but it is an important thing. >> presidential canada rick santorum also took a stand on the issue and it is a
6:23 pm
clear stand against same-sex marriage. >> we cannot have 50 definitions of marriage. every successful society is built on the foundation of family. marriage is a foundation that holds the family together. >> also in political news it looks like her congresswoman michelle bachmann is the most google candidate. all of us on file for this weekend's stronghold. while there is no way to calculate is the google search is will translate into votes, the data does offer a look at what can it is our bread and the attention of voters. more news after the break.
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6:26 pm
>> apple had submitted a
6:27 pm
patent request for being able to project an image from ipad, iphone or ipod touch. netflix is unveiling a just for kids tell us featuring pictures of characters from popular children's television series and movies, making it easy for kids to pick out what they want to watch. of the distillers in the testing phase is not
6:28 pm
available to all users. people who use pseudonyms or nicknames in place of real names will now be banned from local plus. this comes weeks after a goal was criticized from suspending high profile users. in response to feedback, google is giving a four day grace period to users who violate the policy, to give them time to fix the profile names before they are suspended. the news and 6:30 p.m. is coming up next.
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6:30 pm
>> get ever alert has been issued for a two year-old
6:31 pm
girl. authorities believe the girl's father who is the egyptian port and speaks spanish has affected her. they believe the girl may be in danger. 47 try to track down her father sends this past saturday. authorities are looking for a green toyota 4 runner with license plate number by 3xrm111. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> in oakland, lawrence denard, the man accused in the drive-by shooting that killed three year-old carlos nava was in alameda county superior courthouse briefly. he was assigned a public defender. family members were also in the courtroom. there were telling reporters that denard is innocent of all charges. he will return to court and a couple of weeks to enter his plea. at the alameda county superior court house in oakland, kron 4 news. >> the fall to an oakland
6:32 pm
shooting case that we brought you on monday, this is an amateur video showing the chaos after the shots rang out. in the shooting, three rows carlos nava was killed. the other men are line on the ground, they were shot but survived. >> hmm here in oakland, one of the three victims shot in a fatal drive-by shooting on monday is still recovering at highland hospital. one of the victims, robert hudson, a father of four, went in for his third silver that apple is removed from his neck and head. police believe the shooting was gang related, but i spoke with hudson's family who say he has never been involved in gangs. they do not understand why this happens. >> in pacifica, police and animal control investigators are trying to understand what led to the fatal mauling of a pregnant woman on thursday. the body of 32 year-old bar luck was discovered by her husband
6:33 pm
inside of their home after she was killed by one of the families to pit bulls. police killed that dog. the other animal is in the hands of animal control pending an evaluation. neighbors say the dogs appeared friendly and were never off of the lease. there is no explanation for what happened. >> it has been 12 years since the death of the 13 year-old boy in hayward. he was last seen leaving his grandparents' house in 1999. his body was found in this location wrapped in a chic. his death has been a mystery. investigators found no sign of trauma or assault. the family has maintained a memorial at this site since his death in cold annual gatherings to remember him. a family is oval that someone knows something that can least answer the question of how he died. >> in walnut creek a garbage truck crashed into a power
6:34 pm
pole. when when >> sent others dropped the price of the cds. you can
6:35 pm
get it and retailers like best buy for one under $69. originally to under >> there is fished on stage at outside plants in san francisco. seven stages and 72 bands. find alternative forms of trouble than driving a car.
6:36 pm
>> a warm-up into sunday. preconditions into the afternoon tomorrow. " last fall on sunday and a little warmer in the afternoon. let's take a look at the fall. this evening there was a meteor shower. how you are closer to the coastline falls through the evening and into tomorrow morning. in to tomorrow morning the fog is closer to the inland valleys. b
6:37 pm
>> several viewers run discussing ms. that prosecutors may file criminal trials against a bicycle is accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian. let's check out the comments today. quebec hobecoma visit to kron 4 facebok fan page to leave your thoughts. stay with us, we are back right after the break.
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>> in the bus, the new farrah fawcett barbital is a hit with fans and collectors. the collector edition doll is selling out all over the place inspired
6:41 pm
by the actresses famous 1970's poster complete with the red bathing suit. >> but in this schwarzenegger is getting some attention. patrick, the oldest son of arnold and maria and made his debut as a billboard model. the billboard is on sunset boulevard. the daughter of that mick jagger also models for hudson jeans. coming up next, gary is enjoyed by his wife and the answer your e- mail questions. tiger woods tries to make the cut at this year's final major.
6:42 pm
the quebecers don hot 91
6:43 pm
been worn with
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6:45 pm
>> >> >> the misery continued for tiger woods today.. on the temple woods shot 73, 10 overall and missed the cut by six strokes. he tied for one hundred fourteenth place. it is the third time in his career that he will not be playing on saturday and
6:46 pm
sunday. who oval when done
6:47 pm
>> > >> the amount sucks, the fans suffer, there are no fans there. it is kind of sat. it is a major league team, you want it to be first class organization. >> see tables and will not be a part of the oakland a's season-ticket politiciapromotion the basketball hall of fame, the first man to take the podium, chris mullin t.
6:48 pm
and no. 1 pick in '85. he just became a bonafide star . rank first in games played for the lawyers in the fourth on the all-time scoring list. a pretty nice heartfelt speech. >> although my parents are no longer here, their presence is in my life everyday. i dedicate this honor to them. >> also here tonight are two of my biggest fans, and the nuns. >> they were a pair of 90 year-old nuns who came to help try and crisp. and
6:49 pm
dennis rodman was also on the docket to speak. quebec host exhibitions dollars the district of several sports. we're returning to this e- mail, please is ready to go. we are coming back. a
6:50 pm
lisa is ready to go.
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6:53 pm
>> it is official. the giants just lost against the florida marlins. >> our first e-mail, i am beginning to think that last season's giants were a fluke, what do you think? >> if i had to bet money i would still think it would make it to the playoffs. i do not think it is a fluke. they caught fire at the right time. they made it to
6:54 pm
the playoffs on the second to last day of the season and then got hot prayed to week-three weeks stretch. it is not a fluke but they got hot tech the right time and this year's team is showing a lot. >> how can nfl teams charge full price for exhibition games? there glorify mr. images. >> we're just talking about that a minute ago. i think there really should change that. the only people benefit from these practice games are young players trying to make the team. some brough bonn
6:55 pm
>> it is a rip-off. as long as people are making money, that was for the fans over. >> why don't players sign more autographs? do we pay more salaries? >> with these guys hate is adults awards 5 autographs to try to sell them and put them on ebay. they do not mind doing it for the kids.
6:56 pm
these guys are making enough, they should have a session where they bring different players at each day. >> to take sporting events and i hate when you give updates when i do not want to know. >> to this is 2011. pork people have all the sports news in the palm of their hands. it >> in their phones. >> we have so much power. russell, you are the only guy who cares that i give an update during the game. people are watching the game. we do appreciate your kron loyalty. >> after all of these years,
6:57 pm
what keeps you working? >> i will point in one direction. >>
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
kim kardashian's painful and private ordeal, she will face on her wedding day. >> are george clooney and "dancing with the stars" stacey keebler going public with their rumored summer romance? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> stacey and george are the surprise couple of the summer. no one saw it coming. >> couple shockers tonight. will kim k. store a million bucks for her first wedding photo?cw and does jen aniston want a baby with her new man. >> and teen salary war, justin bieber and miley cyrus. who's richer? >> whether on tv shows, or singer, teens in hollywood


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